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Hi, there!

I'm Chrissy. I'm an actor and teaching artist based in central New Jersey. I grew up in Virginia, where backroads and biscuits were an everyday affair, and your own backyard was as good as any stage. In the beautiful Shenandoah mountains, I studied theatre at James Madison University where I fell in love with storytelling and connecting the community with the arts.​

I love sharing stories. Whether it's spreading the joy

of theatre with young audiences, or exploring the human experience within our communities, storytelling is, at its core, the way we deeply connect.

I love storytelling that empowers individuals to reflect on their experiences and how we, as humans, can create a better, and more accepting world. 

I am now based outside of Princeton, where I live with my bearded husband and three adorable, Shakespearean-named pets. I enjoy hiking, yoga, hand-lettering and anything adventurous. Just about everything goes well with a large cup of coffee.

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